General Terms and conditions (including offers terms and conditions)


  • All offers are subject to change at any time at managements discretion.
  • We reserve the right to remove or adjust any offer at any time.
  • It is highly recommended that you book before you visit and mention any offers that you may wish to use (where applicable, some offers are online exclusives, and you will need to make your reservation online).
  • All offers are subject to availability on the day.
  • Some offers may only be available on certain days & times.
  • Management decisions are always final.

Happy Holidays Offer – Half Term ONLY

– Available from 12.00pm – 6.00pm weekdays only.
– Only valid during school  holidays.
– May not be combined with any other offer.
– Subject to availability.
– Booking required online only.
– May not be used for group or birthday party bookings.
– A voucher is not required

Special Offers & Promotions

All offers on activities and package deals are online exclusives unless otherwise stated. Online exclusive offers include but are not limited to; Monday bowling, half term offers and bowling & food package deals. This means that the price quoted online can only be redeemed by making a reservation using our online bookings service. You must make your reservation in full online; this includes completing the reservation, checkout, and payment online. Such offers will NOT be redeemable in the centre or over the telephone.


Web Bookings – Special Offers & General

Full payment is required for all online bookings in advance. Online booking is only available for bowling at the moment and are paid for using our payment provider (World Pay). Cash payment and other payment methods outside of card payments on World Pay are not available or accepted on our online bookings service.

Online reservations cannot be cancelled, however where possible you may amend your reservation up to 48 hours before it starts. This is subject to availability and any offers you may have redeemed online. By moving a reservation booked using an offer to a day or time where said offer is not available, you will have to pay any difference on the day of visit or via a secure payment link. If you decide to move your booking to a day where an offer may be used (that you have not redeemed online yourself), no refunds for the difference will be given.

Offers that require proof of circumstance (such as concessions and blue light discount), cannot be booked online. This decision has been made due to the increase in misuse of discounts online. Therefor for these discounts you will be required to make your reservation via other means. However, by making your reservation via other means you agree to forfeit any web offers (and online exclusives) that may be advertised online.

Selby Superbowl does not directly host the online reservations service; this is hosted by QubicaAMF (our scoring system provider). Both Selby Superbowl and QubicaAMF do not accept any liability for any costs that may be incurred from accessing our services (such as data charges). We also do not take any responsibility for the running of the service. Downtime is rare but does occasionally happen, in the event of a fault with the site, you should report this to Selby Superbowl and we will look into this for you. In any event NO EXCEPTIONS shall be made to online exclusive offers, and you will be asked to try again later, when the site when a fix is completed (QubicaAMF usually complete fixes within 24 hours of a fault being discovered (although it us usually less)).

You can make online reservations for up to 24 players at any time, if you have more than 24 players then you can either make multiple reservations online, or you can contact us via an authorised method. However if you have more than 24 players and wish to use any web offers you will have to make multiple reservations online, NO EXCEPTIONS will be made with regards to online exclusive offers and we will not make online exclusive reservations via any other means (outside of the online bookings platform). Online reservations can be made up to 2 hours before the time of arrival, and up to 30 days before a selected day. When making a reservation online, you will be asked to request a timeslot, the online bookings system will recommend a timeslot closest to the one you have requested if your chosen slot is not available. It is your responsibility to ensure that your date and time of reservation is correct and to check your confirmation carefully to ensure it is correct. We accept no responsibility in the event you have made your reservation for the incorrect day or time, and although we will do our best to move your reservation in the event of reservation faults, we cannot guarantee this, as it is subject to availability.

Selby Superbowl reserve the right to cancel, amend, change or withdraw any offer, promotion or reservation at any time.

General prices

We regularly review our prices and if you make a booking in advance, the paid price will remain the same and is not subject to increase or decrease (unless you move your reservation or make any changes to your reservation). Selby Superbowl does not allow the selling on of bowling at an increased price to any third party. In such cases such reservations will automatically be void with no refund. This includes but is not limited to the use of vouchers. Adult prices displayed are for persons 16 years and over. Junior prices displayed are for persons 15 years and under. All prices unless otherwise stated are inclusive of VAT and any taxes that may apply.

Offers & deals

Selby Superbowl’s management reserves the right to withdraw or amend any offers at any time. Managements decision is always final. Offers cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Restrictions may apply to offers on school and bank holidays.

Cancellations and refunds

Selby Superbowl offer a standard no refunds policy on all payments made, either by walk-in, call centre or online. If you wish to cancel your booking no refunds will be offered (including any booking fees). There are no cancellation rights under the Consumer Contracts (Information, cancellation and additional charges) regulations 2013 for any scheduled packages or events.

Birthday Parties & Events

All parties and events will require a deposit to secure the booking, this is non-refundable, and any subsequent payments made cannot be refunded. Deposits are due within 7 days of booking (and no less than 3 days before the reservation starts). Deposits can be paid via a secure payment link sent to your email or in person. WE CANNOT TAKE PAYMENTS OVER THE PHONE. Deposit amount will depend on booking value. The full balance of your party or event is due on the day.

Birthday parties require a minimum of 6 children to qualify for any birthday party exclusive discounts. In the event your numbers drop below this minimum number, you will lose all discounts that you may have previously qualified for and charged standard rates for the event.

We ask that you confirm your party numbers 3 days before your reservation (this may be different depending on what has been discussed with management, as some reservations require more notice on confirmation). If your numbers increase on the day, we will do our best to accommodate all guests, however this is subject to availability. With birthday party’s dropouts do happen, 1 or 2 dropping out is normally ok. However, if your numbers change drastically (in this case drastic changes will be determined by management), you may be charged for this (this is at managements discretion).

We do not allow self-catering, or external entertainers under any circumstances. However, you may want to bring a birthday cake or some cupcakes to enjoy, this is not a problem. We do not provide decorations, however if you would like to bring banners, balloons, and party bags then this is not a problem. If you have booked a party which includes a party area, we will provide a party table in our shared party area, your table will be pre-laid with plates, napkins, and cups as standard. On days where multiple parties are operating your table will be labelled with your party name, we ask that you do not use other people’s tables, move other people’s tables around, make any adjustments to other people’s tables, or invade other people’s tables. We operate a no knives policy, if you bring a birthday cake to your party then please ensure that you DO NOT bring a knife to cut it. One will be provided to you on request when you are ready at the centre.


Reservations can be made online, over the phone, in person or via email. When making your reservation online, you agree to the web terms of service as well as the general terms and conditions, if you wish to redeem a offer which has been quoted online, you must book online to claim this offer. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can we make reservations under offers that are online exclusives by any other methods other than online. We are unable to make reservations or make any changes to reservations via social media (including but not limited to; Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp). When making a reservation request via email, this is a request only, and your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation reply from us. When making a reservation we will ask for information in order to make your booking, this will include; your full name, email address and phone number. We will also ask if you are ok to receive special offers and marketing via email. If you choose not to consent to email marketing this is ok, but you will still receive a confirmation email for any bookings you make. When you make a reservation you will receive confirmation email, it is your responsibility to check this and ensure it is correct. On the confirmation a quote may be given, in the event a quote is not given, it does not indicate that your event is free, it indicates that a quote has not been given at the time of booking.

When making a reservation for bowling your confirmation will state how many players and how many games you have booked for. For other activities, these are booked as “timed reservations”. For Lazer Zone we book games in 20-minute slots. The game itself is only 15 minutes long, the 20 minutes includes briefing times. So, if you book a 20-minute slot, you have NOT booked a 20-minute game you have booked 1 15 minute game. If you have booked a 40-minute slot this indicates you have booked 2 games, (consisting of 2x 15-minute games), NOT a 40-minute game. Kub Karting is booked by laps only generally, so you will receive a minimum timeslot of 10 minutes, if your confirmation shows a 10-minute slot, you have NOT booked a 10-minute session, you have booked the requested amount of laps, which will be carried out within this 10 minute slot.

When booking over the phone or accessing our services via telephone in any way, calls are recorded. This is for monitoring and training purposes, and it allows us to improve our services and settle any disputes should they arise. Selby Superbowl is not liable for any costs incurred when accessing our services, such as data when booking online or charges to your phone when using our call centre.


We may ask for a deposit when booking, this can be done for any event at the booking staff and management discretion. We are able to take deposits in person or via a secure payment link, deposit amount depends on your total booking value.

Accepted forms of payment

In the centre we accept cash or card as payment method. We are unable to accept £50 notes or cheques. Remote payments can be taken via secure payment link only, we are not able to take payments over the phone. In some circumstances (subject to management approval), we may offer invoice as a method of payment (where you receive an invoice and pay via bank transfer). However this is purely at managements discretion and may not be offered, you should check before you come.

Bowling shoe hire

We are asking all customers to wear their own shoes; these must be flat and closed toe shoes (such as trainers). Heels, flip-flops, sandals, and barefoot bowling shall not be permitted. Bowling shoe hire is included in the cost of your reservation; however, it is subject to availability, we reserve the right to refuse you on the day if unacceptable footwear is not worn and bowling shoes are not available.

Arrival times

We recommend that customers leave plenty of time for their booking and aim to arrive 15 minutes before your reservation. Please be aware if you book at the time we open, we will not open early for your booking, so you may have to wait to enter the building. Late arrivals may not be accommodated, and your booking may be cancelled with no refund.

Centre Guidelines

At Selby Superbowl we want you to have as much fun as possible while you are here with us, but safety is very important to us so please ensure you read our guidelines and conditions carefully. The time of your booking is when you are booked to start, please allow plenty of time to travel, park and check in at the centre before your game.

Please ensure children are supervised at all times, please do not allow them to run around the centre as this could cause injury, adults should also ensure that children are given the following guidance:

  • Do not place your hand inside the ball return at any time, wait until the ball has fully returned on to the rack, if balls do not fully return, please get a staff member to assist you.
  • While waiting to bowl, please do not touch the balls on the ball rack as fingers may become trapped in the ball return.
  • Do not step over the black foul line at the start of the lane surface, lanes are coated in oil and are very slippery and could cause injury.
  • Comply with any posted signage in the centre.
  • Never go past the foul line, or anywhere near the bowling machinery at the end of the lane, this could cause serious injury.
  • Should you notice a slippery surface or spill a drink yourself please inform a staff member and they will be able to assist you.
  • If you are bowling and your balls don’t return please inform a staff member as soon as possible, so that we can fix this for you. If you notice any technical faults (or suspected technical fault) with your machine please inform a member of staff so a technician can be sent to inspect and repair the machine if required.
  • Pick up bowling balls carefully and hold with both hands, children should use lightweight balls (and ramps where are applicable).

Please be aware that we are unable to have the barriers up or down for specific members of your group, they need to be up or down for everyone at all times. We reserve the right to refuse putting barriers up for adults, this is to prevent damage to equipment and injury to the staff and public. When the bowling machinery is resetting your pins, a barrier called a sweep will be put in place to protect the machinery, do not bowl at this and wait until it has fully returned to the upright position before you bowl.

Please be aware that we accept no responsibility for personal property that is brought into the centre. Customers using their own equipment do so at their own risk, we do not accept any responsibility or liability for damaged equipment. We reserve the right to refuse admission into the centre should you breach any terms, conditions, policy or breach general acceptable behaviour. Failure to comply with any and all terms, policies, conditions and general acceptable behaviour may result in your booking or game being cancelled or cut short with no refund.

Card Holder discounts (MOD, MAX and blue light)

Card holder discounts (Named; MOD, Defence forces, MAX and bluelight) are eligible for discounts. This discount can be applied on full price bowling only when you present identification. Discounts will not be offered on an offers and birthday parties, without proof of circumstance and will never be offered on a Saturday.

Disabled access statement

It is the policy of the company to consider the access needs of persons with disabilities to the services and facilities of the company and to make reasonable adjustments to facilitate such needs and to provide appropriate training and information to relevant staff members to ensure that aims are met.

The company aims to:

  • Be an outstanding provider of entertainment, bowling and leisure services to all customers and offer excellent facilities, customer services and value each visitor to our family entertainment centre.
  • Recognise the diverse requirements of people with disabilities, aiming to always understand and meet needs and provide help and guidance whenever it is required.
  • Provide information on our website which contains information.
  • Provide relevant staff members with appropriate training.
  • Recognise the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, and the company shall ensure reasonable adjustments are made to ensure removal of physical barriers to access our services and facilities for all our customers.

Food & Drink ordering and pre-ordering

Food purchases made online (when part of a meal deal package), will be confirmed upon arrival, and bought to your lane. Products offered are subject to availability and alternative options may be offered. All age restricted purchases are subject to validation and age checks, suitable proof are a valid driver licence or passport (digital copies of documents shall not be accepted). Purchases made by or for underage persons shall not be refunded. We promote sensible drinking, if you would like more information please visit .

Special dietary requests should be made in advance where possible, when a request is made, we will be as transparent as possible to ensure that persons with requirements are fully informed as to how our food and drink items are prepared. We provide allergen advice on request, and it is also posted on our web ordering platforms. We are unable to give any medical advice but will provide any information requested so that you can make your own informed decisions.


Vouchers are subject to terms and conditions (such as usage restrictions) which will be printed on the voucher. All vouchers are signed on the reverse by management, and all vouchers are issued by management only. It is not permitted to copy vouchers; in this event both the copy and the original voucher will be made void and will not be refunded. It is your responsibility to ensure that you use vouchers in accordance with their conditions. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash value or used in the event they are expired or are outside their useable timescale.

Dine-in, app and web ordering of food and drink (including The Pudding Bowl)

Dine in refers to our online ordering system which can be accessed via QR codes in the centre. When ordering via dine-in you are responsible for ensuring that you are on site and that your table number is correct. The dine-in service is hosted by The Pudding Bowl (a ghost brand which is on site), when using this service, you agree to all the additional terms of The Pudding Bowl. Online ordering is required for The Pudding Bowl as it is a digital only brand, and orders in person, over the counter or over the telephone shall not be accepted. The Bawtry Bar & Diner is listed on here, and you can order online or over the counter for this. In the event you order age restricted products on the online service you will be subject to the same verifications listed above.

Marketing & use of images in marketing materials

When making a reservation you will be asked to join our mailing list, if you consent you agree to receive marketing materials via email. You can withdraw your consent at anytime by putting a request in writing or emailing us.

When accessing our services, making a reservation, or entering the centre you agree to be recorded for marketing purposes. We use such images on our social media pages and website. If you wish not to be recorded, please let us know via email or when you arrive. You can withdraw this consent at any time and if you wish for an image to be taken down then please drop us an email and we will action your request as quickly as possible.

Our content & copyright

All content on this website is owned or licenced by Bowlsec Limited and Selby Superbowl. This includes but is not limited to: logos, images, videos and text. Sharing of content for commercial purposes is not permitted.


Glowbowl is a party experience which involves artificial smoke, flashing lights and a dark UV atmosphere. We advertise glowbowl hours as guidance, if you are bothered by it then please let us know so we can offer alternative times for you to visit. We can turn this on and off at any time. If you arrive and glowbowl has been activated, and you proceed with check-in and start your game no refund will be offered and glowbowl will not be deactivated, (the reverse is the same if you check in and its not available we will not offer refunds on your game). If you attend and decide that the atmosphere is not right for you we will offer to move your reservation to an alternative day, a refund may be offered ONLY in the event you turn up and we have this activated outside of advertised glowbowl hours. However you forfeit this right to a refund if you complete check in and start your game.


We aim to provide a great experience, where it falls short of your expectations, we aim to resolve complaints as soon as possible. Wherever possible we ask that you bring a complaint to us while you are here, by asking for a manager, so that we can resolve your complaint before you leave.

If you wish to make a complaint after you have left you can do this by getting in touch via email, where we will investigate your complaint fully.

Contact us

If you want to talk to us about the website or any queries relating to your booking, please use the relevant contact details on the website. Our aim is always for you to enjoy your bowling experience and we make every effort to get feedback from customers to ensure that we can continue to improve our services. Where this has not been the case we will listen and take any actions as appropriate to each individual customers circumstances.